What is Brand Experience Research

Brand experience research is a field of market research that a lot of people tend to overlook. This field is generally comprised of four main aspects, which are brand attitude, brand attachment, customer delight, and brand personality. Brand attitude is the feelings that customers have when they see the brand. Brand attachment is the bond that customers have with the brand. If the customers only want to use this specific brand then their brand attachment is very strong. Customer delight happens after customers have an interaction with the brand. Brand personality is a concept that is coined by Jennifer Aaker, it is comprised of five main components, sincerity, sophistication, competence, excitement, and ruggedness. Customers will value the brand with these five categories, which in total will form a personality for the brand.

How Media Manager Conduct a Brand Experience Research

Brand experience research is a very qualitative process. Thus, a simple yet very effective question could be: tell me some adjectives when you see this brand? Through the answer to this question, a researcher could conclude the first three categories of a brand experience process, which are a brand's personality, attitude, and customer's attachment to the brand. Last but not least, the last category, which is customer delight, can be calculated through similar methods of customer experience research. In total, this is how you measure the brand experience of a customer. Although it is a very qualitative process, there are still ways to quantify the whole process. One way to quantify the whole process is to ask customers to rate the brand in each of the categories. Then analyze the ratings to come to a conclusion. This analyzation can be done through structural equation modelling. This modelling method can show the causal relationship between variables.

Why Companies Need Brand Experience Research

Numerous researches, such as one done by the University of Tehran, show that a positive brand experience would have an increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction. Brand experience also attracts certain groups of people to one brand, as a study by Columbia University points out. For example. Nike makes people feel like an athlete, and more active. Thus, people who want to more active in life will purchase goods from Nike and stay loyal to this brand. All of these researches show that as long as a company is able effective create a positive brand experience there will be a great boost in sales.


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