Focus Group - How Can One Contribute to your Market Research Success?

In such a cutthroat environment, it has become integral for any business with the vision of growing and gaining success to know what their customers want and their concerns are.

Smart business owners know this and that’s why they make sure to always include the use of market-research tools when they want to: (1) gather information for new product development and marketing, (2) measure the impact of promotional campaigns, (3) measure customers’ reactions to their products, services, and brand concepts, (4) get detailed insights into competitors and consumers’ buying patterns, and so on.

And forming a focus group to aid with these needs emerged as one of the top choices for most businesses.

The Crucial Role Focus Groups Play in the World of Business Today

Integral to market research, a focus group is a group of diverse and deliberately selected individuals participating in a discussion that is meant to elicit consumer perceptions and opinions about a new product or topic in a safe environment. Instead of gathering individual thoughts and opinions like in surveys or one-on-one interviews, it allows participants to freely talk and interact with one another during discussions to broaden their own beliefs and possibly come up with new ideas and perspectives. You might not realize it yet but customer feedback is crucial to companies looking to grow their business. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or online store operating in Singapore, China, Japan, Vietnam, or somewhere else, you need a focus group to help you make informed decisions on what products or services to develop and launch, what marketing activities to invest money and time, and so on.

Focus Groups are a big hit with businesses because it:

Is a cost-effective market research method

Is easy to conduct

Helps gain an in-depth understanding of the market

How Does A Focus Group Discussion In Singapore Works

Designed to help businesses identify the market size, need, and level of competition, focus groups are carefully picked and formed based on the wants and needs of clients. During the focus group planning, participants are gathered through multiple platforms with backgrounds or experiences that are deemed appropriate for the client.

Our Process

Media Manager - Focus Group Study - Participants are carefully selected and recruited

Participants are carefully selected and recruited

Media Manager - Focus group discussion

Focus group discussion is conducted for 1 hour

Media Manager - Focus Groups Disccusion (FGD) Card Sorting

Card sorting activity is performed

Media Manager - Focus Group Study - FGD findings are reported to the client

FGD findings are reported to the client

How We Can Help with Your Focus Group Needs

At Media Manager, we fully understand that it’s better to obtain in-depth information from consumers through discussions and not with surveys and interviews. Instead of having just quantitative data, we can gather more data with focus groups that lead to improvements in the client’s market research findings. They are flexible by design, and that flexibility allows one to capitalize on the ability of decision-makers to talk to their customers and their knowledge of their brands, products, or services. Our process is simple, but we make sure that we collect data that will be of big help to you and your business.

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