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Is business too slow? Not getting enough customers to take your business to the next level?

Worry not because we’ve got the perfect solution to your problem – digital marketing from one of the leading digital marketing companies in Singapore.

Media Manager is your trusted marketing advisor, committed to bringing your brand to the forefront of customers’ minds when making purchasing decisions. We know it’s going to be tough – but that’s what WE LIKE. We love the challenge of going through hoops, and then finally seeing our clients succeed online. The gratification of seeing the number of leads and sales go up inspires us to go above and beyond every single time for every client we handle.

Dominate. Stand out from the rest. Lead against your competitors through our Digital Marketing approaches!

What Can We Do for Your Business?

You may ask, why are we so determined to offer our marketing services to you? That’s because we know that with the right digital marketing consultant, clients will be achieving the best possible results with a maximum return on investment.

We want to be the bearer of good news!

Engage customers and follow their entire buying journey

Offer products and services to the right audience

Earn the trust of your customers and get brand credibility and visibility

Measure the results of the marketing campaign

Levels the playing field for both small and big businesses

Improve conversion rates and revenues

What Types of Marketing Services Do We Offer?

When choosing a digital marketing company, you want one that has an efficient plan in getting you to your goal – and that’s US. At Media Manager, we offer various marketing services that are not only highly effective but are reasonably priced and will suit the different goals you have in mind.

(Search Engine Optimization)

Increase your audience reach and catch the attention of potential clients through our services. We work with your team, conduct site and content audits, optimize pages and content, implement link building strategies, and more.

(Search Engine Marketing)

Work with the right agency and it’ll be easy to drive relevant traffic and get qualified leads. Through paid search campaigns, we choose keywords that convert, write compelling ad copies, and more – a cost-effective marketing strategy worth investing in.


This form of Internet marketing may sound ancient, but it can bring success to businesses when done correctly. We get to work after discussing your goals. We plan strategies, design eye-catching visuals and content, test and send emails, and so on.

App Search

Don’t let your prized mobile app not get the attention it deserves. Expect increased visibility and downloads once we are done with promoting your mobile application to your target audience and more.


With billions of active users, it’d be a waste not to use WeChat for business marketing. Let us help you enter China’s market and promote your products and services to countless possible customers.
Talk to us to know more about each service we offer and how we can tailor it to fit your marketing goals.

Media Manager – We’re Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Digital Marketing Needs

We are a digital marketing agency focused on bringing success to businesses of all sizes. We are not just your average vendor who supplies you with services and be done with it. We are the perfect partner to manage your SEO, SEM, email and WeChat marketing, and app search optimization needs. Through our digital marketing services, we strive to make your brand well-known in the digital space.

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