What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is the utilization of data analysis to develop business strategies. Through the use of data gathering, data storage, and knowledge management combined with thorough analysis, business intelligence provides information on how a company can and will operate and perform. These strategies and technologies can inform and support business decisions, as well as offer new goals or priorities for the company.

How Media Manager Conducts Business Intelligence Practices

Business intelligence is a process that involves the collection, processing, and analysis of data to be applied to a problem or decision within a company or market. Business intelligence firstly involves the question of what must be analyzed in order to reach a decision or solution within the company. It is crucial for the process to begin with a strategic focus on the solution that is at hand. Once the business knows what it needs, it can proceed to collect and interpret data on the topic, often assisted by an IT tool to observe and extract knowledge from the analysis. Finally, the business can use the analysis to make predictions or actionable decisions for the company.

Why Companies Need Business Intelligence

Business intelligence has a variety of applications that can assist companies with many different decisions. By extracting data from your company and performing predictive analysis on it, companies can plan for future business strategies, make informed and important decisions, and manage businesses in real time. Business intelligence has the ability to boost sales and provide insight into possible marketing goals, as well as develop an incredible customer experience, with the analysis of customer and sales data. If implemented, business intelligence can offer a wide range of strategies that will help businesses grow and improve.


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