What is Customer Experience Research?

Customer experience research is a branch of market analysis. The main goal of customer experience research is trying to understand the customer’s experience in using your product. Furthermore, to learn and improve from the comments one receives. Through successful customer experience research, one’s company can increase loyalty and satisfaction among customers. This shows directly in revenue growth, as research conducted by a Forrester analyst states that a company that utilizes customer experience researchers has a revenue growth that is three times larger than companies that don’t utilize customer experience researches.

How Media Manager Conduct Customer Experience Research

There are a few main methods to conduct customer experience research, such as Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Churn Rate, and Net Promoter Score. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is the simplest and most widely-used method for customer experience research, it is simply asking the customer to rate the experience from 1 to 10. Although it is relatively straight forward, it gives the company a general idea of how satisfied the customers are. Yet, this method doesn't provide a guideline on how to improve. Thus asking follow-up questions are very important as well. This can be done by giving the customers an option on choosing what area they hope can be improved next time.

Why Companies Need Customer Experience Research

After getting a result from these metrics, the company can conclude that in which areas do they need to make improvements. However, the key difference in a company that utilizes customer experience researches is how they turn a result to action. For example, the metric shows that there is a lack of customer response time or other companies have a faster customer response time that your company. Is the company able to improve your customer response time? If yes then the company has conducted a successful customer experience research campaign. This process seems simple, but requires a lot of communications among the company, such as the design team, customer service department, and marketing team.


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