What is Email Marketing?

Online marketing activities are inseparable from business nowadays. With everything transforming to become digital, engaging in online marketing is a must to stay relevant and be at the forefront of the industry. Email marketing is one of many digital marketing strategies whereby mass emails are sent to promote a company’s product or service. In general, the emails are sent to customers who are on the company’s mailing list. However, this method could also be used as a mean to discover potential customers.

How You Can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Amid the social media apps popularity, you might wonder if email marketing is still effective. Short answer: it is. Social media contents that appear in people’s feeds are mostly generated from other users and because of the overwhelming number of stimuli, each status update, tweet, or Instagram post will only draw limited attention. Meanwhile, email marketing reaches to people directly, right into their inbox. This is also why there should be a lot of consideration being put into crafting a great email marketing campaign.

Spam and ruthless emails may end up being ignored by the audience, or even worse, people will unsubscribe from the mailing list. On the other hand, excellent execution of email marketing will bring various advantages for your business. By using email marketing, you can reach out to a huge number of potential customers within a short amount of time. Another main purpose is to engage with existing customers and inform them about the latest promotion such as flash sales and exclusive online promotion. Thus, a good email marketing is useful in building a strong relationship with the customers. Furthermore, research data shows that email marketing has a better conversion rate than social media with nearly 50% of surveyed participants admit to buying something after seeing email promotion.

Email Marketing Environment in Singapore

Singapore has several laws that regulate how companies can do email marketing. For instance, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) comprises rules governing the collection, use, disclosure, and care of personal data. The main objective of this law is to ensure that customers data is collected with consent and used for the purpose that they are informed about. These rules have a vital implication on how email marketing can be done in Singapore, and what factors to pay attention to. While it sounds simple, it is important to take note, as failure to comply with the regulations may cause financial and reputation setbacks.

Ordering Email Marketing Service

Whether you are a big company or a growing SME, email marketing is proven to be highly useful and effective in growing your business. Our email marketing service can help you craft Electric Direct Mail (EDM) to promote your product at a competitive price of 200 sgd. We can also assist you in other matters such as getting a server and dedicated IP, as well as obtaining the license to install email marketing software. By trusting our in-house experts, you also need not to worry about violating any rules.