What is a Focus Group

A focus group is a collection of deliberately selected individuals people who participate in a discussion that is meant to elicit consumer perceptions and opinions about a particular topic or area of interest in a safe environment. Instead of having individual thoughts and opinions like in an interview, focus groups allow members of a group to interact and influence each other during the discussion in order to broaden their own beliefs and possibly think of new ideas and perspectives.

How Media Manager Conducts a Focus Group

A focus group is carefully made based on the client's wants and needs. We are able to collect a group of individuals through multiple platforms and from backgrounds that are deemed appropriate from our client. Media Manager is able to successfully gather and collect data using smaller groups to conduct market research, but also larger groups if needed. Media Manager also assures a safe space for all participants in a focus group to get the most honest opinions and help every participant feel safe and secure. This requires sensitivity and being self-aware so that those who may be marginalized or fell insecure in society are able to share their perceptions and opinions to us.

Why Companies Need Focus Groups

Focus groups allows alternative ways of obtaining information from consumers without using a survey. Instead of having just quantitative data, one can have more data with focus groups and enhance their market research.They are flexible by design, and that flexibility allows one to capitalize on the ability of decision-makers to talk to their customers and their knowledge of their brands, products, or services. Conducting several focus groups can help smooth any irregular group differences or can expose environmental variables to a market researcher that could impact the focus group outcomes. Focus groups are not made to have people all have the same senses, but rather it is designed to identify the feelings, perceptions, and thoughts of consumers about a particular product, service, or solution.