Market Research Methodology

Media Manager market research is a research-based task will be conducted by qualitative or quantitative research methods based on customers' demands. Surveys, focus group study, interviews and observation is general methods to do research. It's based on first-hand data. Media Manager started provides market research service for own customers since 1999. It's considered as the earliest local Singapore market research company.

How to Choose Market Research Company in Singapore

Although market research is considered a well-developed field in the world, it is still relatively new in Singapore. Only a few agencies can provide market research that Media Manager provides, while many of them are foreign companies. Yet, it's best to use a local company to do market research due to the cultural differences when doing interviews. Furthermore, the agency's networks for recruiting target interviewers also an important factor choosing an agency.

Why is it Important to Do Market Research>

Due to the fact that many Singaporean companies are expanding local businesses to overseas and many more local companies are preparing to launch, market research is a key factor to determine whether a product matches market demands. It's a highly data analysis based task, which requires advanced research techniques like writing a dissertation. However, many marketing agencies in Singapore cannot provide this service because they lack business research talents.

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