Product Experience Research – What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

Numerous businesses have sprung up over the last few years, offering innovative products and services that cater to the public’s needs. Many survived and went on to make a name in their respective industries, but others weren’t able to do the same. While there are various factors that could have contributed to the outcome, it’s vital to know what your customers’ experiences are when using your products or services. Hence, the need for product experience research arises.

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Product Experience research, or otherwise known as User Experience or UX research, is a data-gathering process that seeks to provide companies and business owners with valuable insights on users’ experience when interacting or “experiencing” the product, system, or service. From the first time the customer placed an order with your business or logs in to the application until they receive the product or quits the app, everything that occurred contributes to their product experience.

Vital Things You Ought To Know About Product Or User Experience Research

Today, any business trying a customer-centric approach when it comes to product development and design thinking knows the importance of placing the focus on product experience. Since it includes the user’s perception of the product or service’s efficiency, utility, and ease of use, companies should be aware of any improvements they need to make to ensure an ongoing great product experience. A reliable product experience research Singapore agency will be to help with all these as they are well-versed with the methods to perform, data collection and analysis, and more.

The methodology of product or UX research is split into two main components: behavioural and attitudinal.

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The behavioural portion refers to observing what people do when they use the product, service or system. This requires the customers or users to go into a lab where they’ll be asked to use and interact with the product, website or others. While using the product, researchers are present to observe and study the users’ behaviours, such as eye-tracking, clicks or their main focus during the entire process.
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The attitudinal portion refers to observing what people say about the products and normally comes in the form of a survey or an interview. This is given out after the participants used the products to observe what they have to say about their interaction with the product.

Combining the two components provides the product experience researchers and companies with results as to how the users rated the products. Please note though that in some market research firms, it is not required for a product/user experience research to have both portions. Most of the user/product experience researches only have the attitudinal portion as it’s easier to conduct.

Top Benefits Of Product Experience Research When Performed

Companies seeking the services of market and qualitative research firms today for product/user experience researches are steps ahead of their competitors. Since they realise earlier the importance of placing focus on product experience and are therefore making necessary improvements to their products, services, and systems, they are reaping the benefits of using the data insights from the research efficiently.

Better Customer Retention
Customers who are happy and satisfied with the product they’re using are likely to stay, while customers who aren’t satisfied may opt to move on and find other brands that cater to what they’re looking for. Keep in mind though that having a great user experience is good, but it’s not enough anymore. Customers are also now looking for products that can adapt to their needs and serve their purpose.
Better Customer Impression towards Brand
There’s the saying that “first impression lasts” and therefore, making a good first impression is vital, especially in business. Customers will create an impression based on the interaction or “experience” using your brand’s products. When you focus on making product improvements that adapt to your customers’ needs, you are creating a lasting impression for your brand.
Impacts Customer Loyalty towards Brand
Customers who have positive product experiences are therefore likely to make repeat purchases with the business. And gaining loyal customers benefit the business more than ever such as increased sales, revenue, new customer acquisition, and more. These are just some of the advantages that await any business that’ll pay attention to improving their customers’ experience when using their products.

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Many companies are seeing the importance of conducting product experience researches today. From Beta software versions to phone trails, it’s easy to conduct one even before the product is released to the public. This leads to making improvements to enhance the users’ experience.

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