Retail Experience Research – A Crucial Key To The Success Of Retailers

Retail businesses achieve their sale goals by selling goods to consumers in exchange for money. Regarded as a crowded and competitive industry due to the wide array of retail goods and retailers available, customers can freely choose where and what they want to purchase. Therefore, retailers have to ensure they’re providing a good retail experience to encourage customers to come back again and again. To obtain valuable data and achieve this goal, they can enlist help to conduct retail experience research.

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Retail experience research examines the customer’s experience when consuming products at a retailer. It is about the experience a customer goes through when purchasing, and not just going inside a store, buying a product, and then leaving. Thus, this research aims to find new ways of enhancing the customer experience while retaining product sales.

How We At Media Manager Perform Retail Experience Researches

Instead of the traditional analytical, quantitative methods, the retail experience research we do focuses on researching new approaches within the organisation to help capitalise on new experience opportunities. Although there is no formula to conduct this type of research, there are 5 main elements to keep in mind: interactiveness, originality, connectedness, unexpectedness, and reliability.

Focuses on the senses, and how impactful and uninformed they are with the experience.
Aims to create an authentic and natural environment that is true to the brand.
Brings the whole user experience together. It focuses on how the website, online presence, advertisements and brand all connect within a customer’s shopping experience.
Allows a brand to be random yet uniformed experiences to a store.
Ensures that the experience is repeated and consistent so everyone feels the experience a brand creates, and not just a random select few.

With a team of research experts, we strive to always deliver significant data that’ll help retailers put solutions into place to promote a positive retail customer experience.

What Makes Retail Experience Research A Necessity To Retail Businesses?

Regardless if a retailer sells clothes, appliances, cosmetic products, or anything else, it’s essential to provide a good retail experience. And while this type of research aims to learn more about the customer journey instead of pure numbers, it does help create a personalised shopping experience and unique retail experience for consumers. The collected research data can help define a brand, and the brand, in return, can better understand who its customers are and their needs as a consumer.

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A positive experience is a good thing for any business because not only does it encourage customers to return and refer the store to family, friends and others, but also helps boost sales and revenue, and more. Know what can “wow” your customers through retail experience research.

The cost of our services will be calculated on a price range of S$10-100 per survey.

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