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How To Do User Testing for Android Mobile Apps

Media Manager - Usability Testing for Android Apps

User testing refers to the practice of conducting a usability testing for a device with the aim of establishing what the user experience will be so that it can be compared to the initial expectations drawn from the design. User testing for mobile apps is conducted by app developers to establish functionality degree. It is critical for the success of any developed mobile application.

Conducting a Usability Testing

  1. Establish objectives.

This is the first step in user testing for mobile apps and defines the need to define the aspects you are investigating concerning the mobile app so that you can know what to expect. It also ensures that the test is not blind making it easier to actually get results. Having the right objectives plays a crucial role in app success.

  • Define the tasks to perform

After the objectives, it is imperative to establish the tasks you intend to perform concerning the investigation. This reduces your assay from general to specific making it possible to get direct results and by extension, determine the expected user experience and convenience.

  • Create test documentation

Putting down or documenting the test is also vital in that it achieves a record of what was done for purposes of reference should downstream processes require explanation. Documentation is also for legal purposes and serves to protect the developer from future claims by unfortunately disappointed customers. 

  • Choose the test participants

At this point, you need to select the participants for your app testing. These individuals will be expected to use the mobile app and give reviews and comments about their experience with the mobile app. Given the degree of importance of this step, you need to ascertain the reliability of the participants in giving honest and unbiased reviews.

  • Conduct the actual mobile app usability testing

This is the final step and can either be in laboratory conditions or remotely. Laboratory option requires the observation of the impression the android app gives the participants in behavior, actions and reactions. Remote testing however can be done anywhere and anytime, meaning participants don’t have to come to you.


Creating a road map is the principal stage and is followed by setting up realistic and understandable tasks to be performed. Documenting this process can involve designing questions that will help you interpret what users think about the mobile app. For the selection of participants, you need to have the original objectives in mind to ensure the participants accurately represent your target audience.

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