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April 12, 2021
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May 21, 2021

Dynamic Exclusion List – Google’s Latest Move To Help Advertisers

Media Manager - Dynamic Exclusion Lists

To increase brand safety on the web, Google announced last week that it will be adding a dynamic exclusion list. This move from the search engine giant aims to help its advertisers in managing negative placements. Here’s what every advertiser and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency Singapore or elsewhere needs to know.  

Dynamic Exclusion Lists – What is it?  

Placement exclusion lists that can be updated dynamically and help simplify placement management is called dynamic exclusion lists. Through this feature, advertisers can opt into third-party lists and their exclusions for brand protection purposes are automatically updated. The list may include entire domains or specific web pages and available for upload through various formats.  

Dynamic and Existing Exclusion List – What’s the difference?  

At the moment, maintaining and updating their exclusion lists can be done by advertisers conveniently. But with the dynamic exclusion list, advertisers can leverage third parties’ expertise when it comes to managing exclusion lists. These third parties can be an advocacy organization, an industry group and the likes. The list needs to be uploaded to a Google Ads account and once done, advertisers can now make arrangements for the list to be updated automatically with webpages and domains added by the owner – an agency or a third-party group.  

In short, advertisers need not update the lists and they can use the lists that are instead managed by third parties.  

The Use of Dynamic Exclusion Lists 

Providers of SEM services Singapore and advertisers will be happy to know the primary benefits of this new list to them. First is that it helps by protecting ads from being displayed along with content that may not align with what their brands represent. Next is that the paid search ads consultants and advertisers will benefit from individualized performance-based exclusions. Brand safety is another benefit of this move as the uploaded lists shared in bulk meant that search engine marketing consultants and advertisers can now work with industry groups, organizations and other third parties for brand protection.  

Important Details to Know 

One account means it can have up to 20 shared exclusion lists. Every list contains tens of thousands of domains and URLs.  

Although no further details are provided about the implementation of the dynamic exclusion list and so on, it’s worth noting that this Google Ads account feature will be available within the coming weeks.  

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