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3 Great Benefits of Using ASO for Your Mobile App

Media Manager - 3 Benefits of App Store Search Optimization to Mobile Apps

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Through the years, the growing number of mobile apps in the Google Play Store gave birth to the concept of Android app search optimization. The objective of this marketing strategy is to help mobile apps to be easily discovered and downloaded by users. But is it really worth it to market your app through the use of ASO (App Search Optimization) than other marketing strategies?

The answer to this is, yes, it is worth it. With over 2.5 Million apps in the Google Play Store alone, it is an understatement to say that app traffic is a competition. But, through ASO, you have an additional edge over the competition, especially if done right.

Make your App More Visible in the Google Play Store

After spending all that time and money on app development, it’s a given that you want the app to be more visible in the Play Store. One way of achieving this is ensuring that your app ranks high. ASO benefits your app by optimising it so that it performs better in terms of ranking.

App rankings are essential in the Google Play Store and other app markets. Apps that rank high on search results have better chances of being found and downloaded by users since they don’t usually scroll down to check each result. Through proper use of the Play Store app search optimization strategies, you can maximise the potential of your app ranking and achieve increased organic downloads.

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Reducing Expenses by Growing Organically in the Platform

User Acquisition is necessary to measure the success of your mobile app in the market. To maximise your research, you can start running ads for your app, though it might increase your expenses just to improve user acquisition. One way to lessen your user acquisition costs is by focusing on your app’s organic growth through ASO. Organic growth means your app is being found by users outside the use of paid efforts. By using ASO, you save money while maintaining steady app growth, which is beneficial for your business in the long run.

Planning an ASO strategy may be difficult at first, especially without experience. Hence, getting in touch with a good agency that offers a myriad of different digital marketing services such as app search optimization is a recommended path to take. This way, an expert helps get your app marketing on the right track.

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Search Optimization Through the Use of Keywords

While there’s a difference in how descriptions are displayed in both iOS and Google Play Stores, keyword stuffing is not a good practice to follow. Instead, use the dedicated and mention keywords no more than eight times in short and long descriptions for Google. Placing keywords at the top of the description in a strategic manner and without overstuffing is highly recommended. Add keywords in the short and long descriptions naturally. Don’t force it for the sake of inserting keywords or it will end up not making sense. Do so and this will have the opposite effect on what you were going for.

Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but for mobile apps, ASO involves the use of distinct keywords to optimise an app or a webpage and increase its ranking in the search results of a platform. ASO is different from SEO because the former also deals with other factors like the app’s Name, Title, and Icon so that it gets a better ranking, and is often used for app store search results only. That’s why SEO agency services usually include ASO – to help businesses be more discoverable not only in the search engine results pages (SERPs) but also in app store search results.

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After reading this article, you might think that ASO is a simple way to boost your app’s rankings in the Google Play Store, just slap in a few keywords and it’ll all be fine. But having the resources for ASO isn’t enough. Having someone with the experience and the right knowledge for this is also important which is why when finding a digital marketing consultant, Singapore is among the countries where you can look for one.

As one of the leading Singapore-based businesses offering market research and digital marketing services, Media Manager can help create and implement an ASO Strategy to get your app to grow organically in the Google Play Store or even the IOS App Store. Find out more about Media Manager’s services by enquiring at

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