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Maximising Exposure in WeChat through Time Marketing

Media Manager - WeChat Marketing and Maximum Business Exposure

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WeChat, also known as the super app from China, has been a platform not only for different users around the world but also for any business that wants to have a presence in the Chinese market. This app is literally an all-in-one application and has successfully achieved the goal of many other existing applications: to keep their users on their platform as long as possible. This is why WeChat marketing is a vital marketing tool for major businesses in this century.

WeChat works like any other social media platform, which means marketing on WeChat is almost the same on any social media marketing strategy. However, one should take note that WeChat offers a variety of features such as localisation services, gaming, payment, financial services, and even taxi ordering services, which many social media apps cannot do.

Social Media Marketing

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Creativity, quality content, and connectivity are a few things that you should consider when it comes to social media marketing, but in WeChat Marketing, flexibility should be one of your strengths. In addition, the one thing that you should not underestimate is timing.

Like any other social media platform, WeChat has its peak hours where thousands of users are simultaneously using the application for a period of time. A ZDNet report says that the average time a user spends on the app is 66 minutes it has With about 1.21 billion active monthly users, 60% of these users open the application at least 10 times a day.

Looking at these numbers, one can say that WeChat is a high-stakes field to play in where time can be your ally. Understanding your market’s social media behaviour and utilising it for your marketing campaigns can efficiently maximise this platform’s wide reach.

Time Marketing and Strategies

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Time marketing is the process of marketing a product or service at a certain time or within a particular time frame. It is the process of knowing when to introduce a new product and when to advertise a product to your consumers. In this context, knowing when to post something on WeChat is strategic planning.

While time marketing emphasises maximising the most opportune moment to post and create engagement, it is also a job for the company to make sure their content also delivers what their users want. This will enable the business to expand its following through its WeChat official account.

Social Media Behaviour Techniques

The best way to identify the right timing for your WeChat ads or efforts is to do market research and understand your user’s social media behaviour. One way to reach out to your target market is by using one of WeChat’s most prominent features, Moments. Moments are shareable content such as status updates and media that users can pass along, making them effective word-of-mouth implements.

In a study conducted, the reading rate of WeChat users is discovered to be higher during weekends. In addition, the number of articles published by official accounts is lower compared to the number of posts during weekdays. This means that the best time to post is on weekdays, specifically from 6:00 am to 9:00 am.

WeChat Analytics

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As your account in WeChat becomes a verified official account, you’ll have access to features that provide you with a demographic description of your users. Aside from this information, the analytic dashboard also has an Article/Content Analytics which can display data about your content’s reach. This data can be utilised when modifying your content according to your user’s demographics, needs, and wants.

Responsiveness and Connectivity

As mentioned above, time marketing also pertains to the engagements of your account with your users. It’s important that your account is responsive to inquiries. As you set up your account, you need to configure your account depending on your users’ expectations. This includes creating a custom welcome message and keywords for the automated response feature that should answer all FAQs of your users.

To keep users engaged, it is also imperative that you maintain quality content that reflects your brand personality.

With WeChat’s strong back-end support, you can connect your website as well to your WeChat channel to strengthen your brand’s connectivity to users. Through Search Engine Marketing or SEMs, you could also maximise your exposure and connectivity to the Chinese market since WeChat also made its content searchable on different search engines.


WeChat is a demanding and very competitive platform, but knowing how to make use of its features can push your brand’s success rate in China up. Partnering with a competitive digital marketing agency that offers effective and efficient marketing strategies, can readily improve your WeChat marketing within a short span of time.

When it comes to handling your marketing campaigns on WeChat, Singapore based company Media Manager can provide you with everything you need, from account set-up to content management and many more. For inquiries about our WeChat services, reach out to us at

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