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WeChat, A Gateway to the World’s Largest Market

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Without a shred of doubt, China is the largest market in the world today. The Asian giant has over one billion people and more than 50% have access to the internet. Their gargantuan economy makes them a haven for digital marketing, especially through social networks.

China’s largest social “network” is WeChat, one of the country’s popular “super apps.” First emerging as a messenger app, WeChat has evolved through the years to also become e-commerce and mobile marketing platform. In the past, users primarily used it for communication. But now, Chinese citizens can use it to buy, sell, file documents, and practically do everything necessary in one app.

WeChat has become a powerful gateway through which local and foreign businesses enter the Chinese market. Here are some interesting points that show why this super app is a profitable ship to hitch a ride on.

A Multitude of Features

A Multitude of Features

As a super app, WeChat has everything the average citizen needs in day-to-day life. The app has messaging and internet search functions, as well as business features.

Name it – movie tickets, groceries, news, fashion items, or food delivery – WeChat probably has it. Businesses gain their footing through having their “mini-programs” installed in users’ devices through WeChat. These mini-programs enable businesses to maintain their brand personality while catering to user preferences.

On top of mini-programs, WeChat’s paywalls are seamlessly integrated into its core features, making business easier.

Various Ways to Monetize and Transact

WeChat’s developer, Tencent, also happens to be one of China’s biggest tech conglomerates. They installed a payment system into the app, WeChat Pay, which can be used for making purchases via physical counters (e.g. barcodes and QR codes), in-app native or web-based methods. This makes the app an open landscape for digital marketing services.

This powerful payment tool can also be integrated into apps through APIs, allowing businesses outside the mainland to transact through WeChat Pay. Thanks to this cross-platform presence, users can top up game credits, make loans, and pay for purchases on supported non-China businesses. Content publishers and advertisers can also use various purchase and promotion methods through WeChat’s built-in payment system.

Business-friendly Functions

Business-friendly Functions

Perhaps the most overlooked features of WeChat are its integrated productivity tools. The app boasts of its business messaging system and Client Relationship Management (CRM) suite, enabling companies to keep separate tabs on communicating with employees and customers. WeChat CRM also allows integration to its social network feature so companies can monitor customer feedback.

WeChat Work, aside from being a corporate messaging tool, can also be used to track employee work hours, manage work emails, and more.

Those who want to know in-depth the full capabilities of WeChat’s business-exclusive features might do best by planning their strategy with a reliable digital marketing consultant.


WeChat is a powerful tool that Chinese citizens use every day for almost everything, making it a prime gateway to entering the Chinese market. With its expansive array of features and business-friendly nature, WeChat can be any digital business’ key to success.

It takes a level of expertise to fully realize the potential, however. Fortunately, experts such as Media Manager, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, can help you enter the China market successfully through WeChat. Backed by years of experience in research, marketing, content management, and campaigns, Media Manager can guide you in capturing your target audience through WeChat. For inquiries and more information, you can get in touch with us at

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