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October 18, 2021
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November 15, 2021

Significant SEO Trends You Should Not Ignore in 2022

Change is unavoidable, especially in the digital world. It is common to see the digital marketing landscape changing drastically due to the adoption of the latest technologies. Take websites for example. Numerous sites are launched every day. In fact, there are at least 1.89 billion websites on the World Wide Web currently, according to Internet Live Stats. And with this number, it can make it challenging to be on top of the search engine ranks unless you invest in SEO agency services to boost your search engine optimization.

The most notable thing about SEO is its need for constant changes. So that means, if you want to be on top of the SEO game, you need to remain in the loop about the latest trends in the industry so you can plan your next moves. There are several strategies that your local SEO agency implemented this 2021 that may become even more significant in 2022 and beyond.

This makes it a necessary move to find the latest SEO strategies and methods to invest in to keep up with all these changes in the industry.

#1: Plan SEO Strategy for Core Web Vitals

Plan SEO Strategy for Core Web Vitals

Google began to roll out its Page Experience update last May 2021 to incorporate a page experience ranking factor using the Core Web Vitals metrics. It contains three key metrics, including the Largest Contentful Paint (also known as LCP), visual stability through Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS, and interactivity through the First Input Delay or FID. These metrics allow you to evaluate your website’s essential areas of improvement to check what enhancements you can develop for better user experience.

Talk about strategies to strengthen your Core Web Vitals metrics with your trusted SEO agency that will help you stay ahead of your competitors. CWB is anticipated to become a critical factor in SEO scores for Google in the coming years.

#2: Concentrate on User Search Intent

It’s crucial to think of your goals when creating your SEO plans for 2022. Ask yourself how you want your brand, product, services, or website content to be viewed by your target audience. You must also assess the value every post can bring for the company’s image and marketability.

There are three common types of intents: Transactional, Navigational, and Informational. Informational intent mainly focuses on providing information regarding specific topics. Content of this nature are usually extensive and detailed.

Meanwhile, Navigational queries are a type of intent based on the act of searching, such as looking for a particular website in search engines. It means they already know which site they want to visit without looking at all the entries on the results pages.

Finally, transactional intent refers to the intention of users to purchase something or conduct other transactions like registering or signing up in online platforms.

By knowing and understanding user intent, it will be easier for your digital marketing specialist to determine their next move in the game of strategy for optimizing your search engine presence in the future.

#3: Strengthen Mobile SEO

Strengthen Mobile SEO

Searching through mobile devices continue to rise in usage. In the early 2010s, mobile SEO was considered to become next big thing in the SEO world. According to research data from Hitwise, 58% of all online searches on Google are made using mobile devices. It means that many potential customers are accessing your website through mobile devices.

The main goal of mobile SEO is to make access to your online presence easier when using their tablets or smartphones. One way of making sure of this is ensuring that your website’s mobile version loads fast and without any glitches. To keep up with today’s demands and enjoy the fruits of your SEO tactics in the coming years, it’s a must to fix all the possible issues with your mobile website.

#4: Create Relevant and Quality Content

Content was and probably will always remain king in the world of SEO. Information presented in your content will help your users learn more about your brand and the industry that you represent. It will also convince them that you are worthy of their trust if you can prove that you’re the industry authority and know a lot about all the aspects of your business.

For 2022, you need to work with your digital marketing consultant on more long-form content to achieve your content marketing goals. You also need to ensure that you only add relevant keywords organically to get the attention of both users and search engine bots.


By looking at all the SEO trends that you should expect to see in 2022, it’s predictable that search engines would prioritise the comfort and convenience of the user. The resulting user experience will determine how well your website will perform in the coming years. You must implement smart strategies to ensure that you can keep up with the trends. To do so,you will need the expertise of the professionals from agencies such as Media Manager, Singapore’s leading digital marketing expert, to help you come up with fool-proof SEO tactics. You may get in touch with a digital marketing consultant or learn more about our digital marketing services by enquiring at

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