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June 23, 2022
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Top Reasons Why It’s Good to Invest in a Local SEO Agency

Media Manager - Top Reasons to Invest in a Local SEO Agency

One of the problems faced by the most successful companies in the world is stagnation. It pertains to a prolonged period of little to no growth and development in their business. Some possible causes of business stagnation include decreasing profits, increasing competition, and lack of sales and marketing alignment.

Top Reasons Why It’s Good to Invest in a Local SEO Agency

However, there are also numerous solutions existing at one’s disposal to prevent stagnation from happening. One of the best solutions is Search Engine Optimization, which has been utilised by businesses for a long time. SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of your website on search engines like Google by integrating popular keywords in your content. Stemming from general SEO is local SEO, in which a local SEO agency can help your business improve its rank in local search results in a given place where the user is located.


Why Local Search Engine Optimization?

The ultimate goal of any business is to become successful. Now, one might wonder why a thriving business, like a multinational company, would settle for a marketing strategy that involves local searches considering it already has a global presence. The answer is simple: innovation. While being successful today on your business’s current brand is a great sign, it doesn’t guarantee you that it will be in the long run.

Adaptation can prevent your business from stagnating. For example, Netflix, one of the world’s top streaming service providers, started by providing DVD rentals. After 8 years of successful rentals, they decided to invest in streaming content via the internet. Turns out, it was the best decision for this company now that they’ve changed the entertainment landscape.

As businesses increasingly become global with their means of visibility, users tend to look for their local presence more determinedly. Figures from Google reveal that 76% of users doing local searches on their phones visit said businesses within 24 hours. This makes local SEO a vital marketing strategy, and here’s why teaming up with a local SEO agency can help you improve business performance.


Why Should You Hire an SEO Expert?

Why Should You Hire an SEO Expert?

Local SEO is a strategy that can benefit your business in different ways depending on its size. For example, small and medium enterprises should invest in local SEO services to increase their visibility on local searches. On the other hand, large companies whose visibility is not an issue anymore can maximise the use of keywords from local search results to further diversify their content, produce better products, and conceptualise their brand.

There are numerous reasons why you should invest in SEO agency services, such as technical SEO and content and backlink management. It can be more cost-effective and help you avoid mistakes, especially if you don’t have an in-house expert on this matter.


Different Perspectives, Different Opportunities

Different Perspectives, Different Opportunities

Innovation is important to every business, and without creativity, there’s no innovation. Localised SEO can help fuel creativity in your business. Utilising findings from local search results can provide a clearer view of what local users are looking for, as well as their behaviours and preferences. Creativity creates options and opportunities for your business and through local SEO, you can tailor your products and content according to what your audience needs.

Companies that have a global presence should understand that they’re catering to different people across the globe, all of which have different sets of cultures and beliefs. Diversifying your products and web content according to these differing needs and wants will help propel business performance.

For example, Kit Kat, a chocolate brand from England now owned by Nestle, was introduced in Japan in 1973. Aside from the variety of flavours inspired by unique ingredients from Japan, this chocolate bar became popular because of Japan’s gift-giving culture. Coincidentally, the Japanese pronunciation of Kit Kat is “kitto katto” which sounds familiar to the local phrase “kitto katsu”, which means “you will surely win”. Since then, many Japanese have been using Kit Kat as a gift for students who are taking entrance exams. Kit Kat utilised this opportunity to produce special Kit Kat packages that have space for messages of encouragement. Their marketing, online content, and other efforts created a successful wave of local searches for shoppers to buy their product.


Back to Basics, Think SMART

Thriving businesses also tend to forget the basics when it comes to handling a business. Basic concepts such as “SMART”: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound are still important factors that any business should focus on. These can help improve many aspects of marketing, whether online or physical.

Back to Basics, Think SMART

Aside from these things, you should be aware of any external factors that may affect the performance of your business, such as competitors, economy, trends, etc. For example, Singapore is a global hub for innovation according to Forbes. With Singaporean interest centred on technology like digitisation and artificial intelligence, you can integrate this concept with your brand and products to become more inclusive and attractive to the Singapore market. Fortunately, monitoring the specific and relevant needs of Singapore locals can be easier if you hire an SEO consultant in Singapore.


Produce Better Content, Create Better Products

While SEO is about creating online content that’s relevant to what your business is about, it also opens doors to different opportunities and possibilities. One of the qualities of a great businessman is being a visionary. Utilising the power of local SEO to your advantage can contribute to your business’s future expansion and amplify your global presence. Working with an SEO agency is and will always be a great investment for every type and size of business.

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