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March 1, 2021
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April 12, 2021

What is Local SEO and Can it Improve my Business?

Media Manager - Can Local SEO Take My Business To The Next Level

It is a wonder how many people have traveled extensively in search of products or services that might exist just around the corner. Businesses want to be found – and for this, agencies delivering digital marketing services extended SEM and SEO strategies to take advantage of “local search.”

Claire Chapman’s story with her gift shop, “The Glamorous Owl” is an example of how local search can vastly improve businesses. By listing her shop on Google maps and adding details, Claire’s customers found it much easier. She further boosted her page’s search ranking by including popular phrases and keywords into her SEO copy.

Extending your SEO strategy to leverage local search (local SEO) might just be the key to converting visitors into customers.

What is Local Search?

What is Local Search?

Local search refers to the intent of users to scan a particular area for their needs. Some examples are motorists browsing the web for nearby food stops, travelers searching for hotels or destinations, and businesses looking for suppliers.

Getting help for local search through SEO services can boost online and foot traffic to businesses with physical locations. Even online shops can earn better sales with faster transactions from customers near their delivery jump-off points. “Near me” searches have also been rising in the last five years.

Beacon Technology is Gaining Ground

Beacon Technology is Gaining Ground

Proximity marketing is not entirely new – and it is more likely to improve soon with beacon technology. Beacons are a wireless device that uses low-energy Bluetooth connections in smart devices through location-based interaction. New beacon innovations use a cloud-based, AI-powered setup. With this technology, businesses can send alerts to users of their nearby shops or outlets through notification pings.

The beacon market is also rapidly growing. According to a recent report, it was worth US $504.7 million in 2018 and is expected to grow to a whopping $45,213.7 million by 2026. Surprisingly, beacons are increasing in use thanks to advancements in healthcare, transportation, education, and tourism. It is a technology that can be best utilized with local SEO.

Adjusting SEO to Maximize Local Search

Creating content to maximize local SEO is a long-term strategy. Focusing on these three points will enhance your local SEO: prominence, relevance, and proximity. To maximize these three things, it’s best to consult with an SEO expert to balance every aspect.

It is worth noting for example, that many local searches do not explicitly include qualifiers in their terms. In the past, users may have added zip codes or addresses, but data shows that more of them are expecting relevant results with fewer inputs. Behaviors like this show that it will be more effective for businesses to guide users to their site using well-placed high-traffic keywords in their main page content or featured snippets.


You can improve your business with smart SEO strategies leveraging on local search. Optimizing your content or formulating a win-the-local-scene strategy may not be a walk in the park. However, that’s where a reliable digital marketing agency like Media Manager comes in. Banking on years of experience in market research, SEO, and SEM services, Media Manager can help your customers find your business easier. For more information, you can contact us on our website or social media accounts.

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