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Enhancing Mobile Traffic as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Media Manager - Enhancing Mobile Traffic for Digital Marketing

It is no secret that knowing the essentials of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), App Search Optimization (ASO), and other marketing-related services are just as powerful as directly gaining and maintaining a certain number of customers. However, how is it that some businesses still cannot manage their targets? A possible reason is that they don’t know how to properly execute and put their marketing knowledge to good use – the reason why working with a digital marketing consultant is necessary in today’s world of business.

Enhancing Mobile Traffic as a Digital Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, one thing that you should definitely know is the whereabouts of your audience. According to internet usage statistics, about half of the total usage of devices comes from mobile users with a rate of 68.1%, compared to the 28.9% visit rate from desktops. This significant difference presents how dominant mobile today is. If you want to improve your profitability, having a qualified digital marketing specialist in your team to pump up your mobile strategy is a wise decision. Let’s talk about some areas that you will need to improve, something that a specialist or a digital solutions agency can do for you.


Avoid Sluggish Page Load Times

People progressed from communicating through handwritten letters that took days or even weeks in transit to exchanging instant messages that work in real-time– which shows how much technology has improved communication speed. With “fast messaging” being the norm today, optimum speed should also apply to websites.

Avoid Sluggish Page Load Times

In fact, a delay of 5 seconds can instantly push 74% of website visitors away. Top-performing websites always focus on minimising factors that affect page load time such as media and “heavy” files associated with the interface or database from the back-end.

For example, to improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing, Singapore companies would often utilise social media and other digital efforts in combination with their website. This reflects how they see mobile as an important segment to target, especially since most people use their mobile phones more than their desktop systems if they have one.

Prioritising page load time will greatly affect user experience, and most likely also, people’s perception of your brand.


Indulge with SEO

Websites are accessible through web browsers and they rank by way of search engine algorithms. This is done by “crawlers” indexing website content, counting traffic conversions, keywords and other factors. Boosting the rank of your site is an easy task when you follow effective SEO strategies such as mentioning your keywords in strategic locations in your content, in the URL and the image metadata, backlinking, and other means.

Indulge with SEO

Furthermore, about 28.5% of Google users click the first result that appears whenever they enter a query, and only 2.5% of the population clicks the 10th result. Now, think about your website if it’s using effective SEO. Where will you rank in the search engine– would it be the 11th place or worse, on the succeeding pages of the results where people rarely check? That’s where SEO specialists can help companies big and small: to create and sustain a strong SEO performance for mobile, availing of SEO agency services can augment your marketing efforts without the need to add more members to your marketing team.


Bonus: User-centric Design for Mobile

Two other factors that could have a great impact to user experience are the visuals and interface design of the website or app. When designing for mobile users, your website or web app should be purposely designed to adjust automatically to the host device’s screen size and proportions. Referred to as responsive web design, it allows websites or apps to look great and consistent on any mobile device. All your site elements will adjust based on the screen size and proportions, preventing elements from scattering or cluttering.



User-centric Design for Mobile

With more internet users surfing the web via phones and other mobile devices, it’s a no-brainer that businesses should develop mobile-focused marketing strategies. There are many ways to attract the attention of users, but the best methods are more easily done by partnering with a competitive marketing agency. If you’re looking for experts or a competent digital agency, Singapore firm Media Manager is your best bet in improving your mobile traffic for better conversion rates. Our range of services includes mobile-first digital solutions, marketing research, and more. If you’re curious about our other products and services, reach out to us via


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