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The Comfort of Digital Marketing

Media Manager - Choose Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Before, companies were able to promote their products to prospective buyers who goes out and sees billboards, flyers handed out in malls, posted materials around town, and other physical means – that was the case until digital marketing happened. The world slowly shifted to digital marketing that allowed people to see advertisements even on their small smartphones, unlike materials that were only seen outside.

Such a phenomenon is called digital transformation – the process of traditional businesses turning towards digital solutions that evidently keep on booming each day. This can be reflected in the people and companies who are driven closer to online services, from e-purchases and cloud-based productivity to enterprise functions and more. With the digital landscape being a blurry mess of high-stakes competition, knowing your business is safe in the hands of a reliable digital marketer can be gold.

Digital marketing, as the name implies, is about successfully selling products through advertisements that use digital technology. These are platforms accessible to both entrepreneurs and consumers as an alternative to physical stores where transactions take place as well as media. All of these become possible with the help of the digital marketing specialists who practically become the “backrest” of your business, with their specialty services becoming a digital “blanket” that covers the areas you need.

Now, what, and how significant does digital marketing and marketers hold in the scenario?

A Refreshing, Low-Cost Process

Running and pasting publication materials is what usually happens in traditional marketing. Unlike digital, traditional marketing requires more physical actions. You will have to distribute and display your business’ publication materials after weeks of working on them. However, this doesn’t ensure feedback or engagement. If so, what comes next, just birds chirping and people not even noticing your work? Sounds discouraging, doesn’t it? Fortunately, digital marketing has the potential to flip such situations for the better.

Digital Marketing Professionals

Professionals spend years studying and sharpening their skills to be solution providers. A digital marketing expert who has both the dedication and capability is able to help people reach their business goals. Such professionals can also be likened to a ”backrest” and a ”blanket” that we yearn for after a long day, or in between our busy times. Find out why below.

  1. Backrest – Any business’ brand can be built in no time with the assistance of a digital marketing specialist. Their services include not just the promotion and exposure of your products which can support the entire business. Like a backrest, you have nothing to worry when a digital marketing specialist is taking care of vital marketing tasks.
  2. Blanket – A digital marketing consultant, expert, specialist, and all other professionals- name it all – can also be a “blanket” that covers other marketing services aside from increased exposure. This can be sustained by availing their digital services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing (EM), and App Search Optimization (ASO). These services complement their primary ones, giving you more options to use to broaden your brand visibility.
    • SEO & SEM – Makes your business visible on top of search engines through organic methods (keyword searches) and paid search advertising. A digital marketer or a local SEO agency can optimise your keywords to fit searches from your area of business operation.
    • EM – People start to panic whenever inconsistency kicks in – which can be avoided through email marketing or EM. Digital marketing experts use EM to keep target customers updated and engaged through electronic mail for a better and more personal customer experience.
    • ASO – Boosts app’s visibility on app store search engines, organic downloads and increases revenue too.

However, all these digitalisation touch-ups evolved as an improvement to traditional marketing, because sincerely speaking, traditional marketing techniques are more costly and prone to errors.


Digital marketing is pretty much equivalent to legwork-free marketing because of the reduced need to produce physical output to get customer attention.

With some fair-minded pricing, your business will surely attract many customers. Whether your targets are on the other side of the globe or if they are just nearby, you can count on a digital marketing agency to do whatever it takes to increase your visibility and conversion rates.

If you’re in Singapore or are looking for a digital agency from the tech-savvy nation, you can check out Media Manager, a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO, SEM, ASO, and other business-enhancing services. For more information, you can reach out to us to help you achieve great results.

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