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November 15, 2021
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December 21, 2021

Best ASO Benefits for Business Starters: Why Do I Need It?

Being knowledgeable with search engine optimisation (SEO), especially app store optimisation (ASO) or app search optimisation nowadays may not be a requirement for large corporations, but it can be the key to unicorn status for small and medium-sized businesses or start-ups and even some large companies that haven’t found their success yet in the world of business. Maximising these marketing practices can be quite challenging for starters, but luckily, availing of SEO agency services that include ASO can help guide them towards success.

In this time where there’s an abundance of applications available in the market, any digital marketer, entrepreneur, and business owner, should know how ASO can help rising businesses benefit from its simple yet effective points.

Gain Popularity and Attract More Users

Let’s be real: the business world has a very competitive market, both online and offline. It may be one of the biggest challenges new business owners face, especially those whose target consumers revolve around the use of mobile apps. Without the efficient usage of ASO, the tendency of people to shy away from your application unnoticed is huge.

In Apple, Google, and other app stores available online, a massive number of applications can be found. Numerous applications fight for top spots where people can notice them easily. Imagine being at the bottom part of the page, wouldn’t it be troublesome for the business if people won’t even get a chance to see your application? Given that the average human’s attention span is 8.25 seconds long only, you’ll probably not get enough visibility.

For companies investing more into having their app hosted by Google, having Play Store app search optimization efficiently and wisely used, guarantee your app’s visibility and potential success. For any application to find success, it’s vital to include ASO in promoting the digital product to the public. When you use quality ASO strategies efficiently, it can boost one’s installs and download rates, attracting more users while at the same time gaining people’s trust.

Increase Your App’s Engagement

Convincing users to download your app proves that you are already meeting your target reach. This is another benefit of ASO: having your applications available and easily visible to people in any app store would increase their engagement in your app; simply put, more curiosity and interest in your app also increases their interaction with your business.

For any company, having a great number of positive engagements in your application can make your business flourish, especially if you’ll partner up with companies specialising in

app store search optimization. Keeping up with search algorithms, the latest ASO techniques, and other practices can be daunting for budding entrepreneurs, so having a reliable partner can make things easier for them.

Moreover, increased engagements not only boost one’s app performance in the market it can boost even the company’s image and profitability! Due to increased engagement with your app, you could also increase the possibility of turning your prospects into clients or gaining the attention of potential partners who can give you more business opportunities.

Hit The Top Spots in App Stores

Hitting the top spots in app stores may probably be the greatest benefit one can gain in effectively having ASO in their businesses. Why? This can lead to positive domino effects—including the two benefits mentioned above, as well!

For example, being in the top 5 can also get you more chances for accessory citations from the app store owner. These awards can be used for your other marketing efforts, further increasing your app’s popularity and your business reputation. When that happens, your business can also improve and grow in other aspects.


Indeed, topping the search results in app stores may be challenging, but it surely rewards you with the best benefits for your business. Making your way through the intricacies of ASO can be difficult, but with a reputable partner with expertise in SEO and ASO, climbing the app store ranks is truly possible,

A reliable partner you can count on is Media Manager, one of Singapore’s top experts in Android app search optimization, Apple App Store search optimization, SEO, SEM, and related services. Trusted by a lot of international brands, we can assure you that you won’t be wasting your time or money when you partner with us. For inquiries, connect to us via our website and social media accounts.

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