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August 8, 2017
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What the Best SEO Pros Do (and You Should Too)

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What the Best SEO Pros Do (and You Should Too)

Google’s algorithm keeps evolving and changing all the time. This keeps SEO experts and website creators busy keeping up with the changes and finding effective ways and trends to rank higher in Google’s search engines. Of course, every website owner’s goal is to rank number 1 for their main keyword, but with Google constantly updating and improving their algorithm and with the competition rising it’s hard to rank in the search results.


Having good and steady traffic increases the chances of revenue and sales and boosts up your business. Thus, knowing how to get this much traffic and staying well ranked in the search results is crucial for any business. However, as I mentioned above, getting this organic traffic is not easy and requires a lot of effort and time. Hence, I created a list that shows you the 10 SEO tips you can improve your website.


  1. Make Your Website About One Thing Only

Yes, decide your niche first and make a website about that niche only. It can include other stuff too. But you must choose one primary topic which your website is about.


This tip matters the most. So, I encourage you to do little keyword research before you decide your primary keyword.


  1. Mention Your Keywords Only Where They Matters

Just include your primary keyword in the title, description, domain name, tagline, page titles and page content. Don’t fluff your website with a lot of repeated keyword everywhere in every line.


Remember you are making a website for humans not only for search engines.


  1. Give a Link to Internal Pages Present on Your Site

This is also included in the SEO factors and one of the essential SEO tip. Give a link to the content already present on your website. Also, make sure your recent content appears on your homepage.


  1. Use Permalinks That Include Your Keywords

Links to your posts should include the title of the post. There are some site which shows links in the following way-


This type of link is not at all SEO friendly. Instead, your links should look like these:

You can separate the words by hyphens or underscores.


  1. Remove the Things That Slows Down Your Site

The page load time is important is SEO. So, you must get rid of all that stuff which slows down your website. If you are using WordPress, I encourage you to read this post to increase your website’s speed:


  1. Use Keywords In Images

Include the keywords that reflect which your post is about in the images linked to it. Make sure your keyword is present in the alt attribute of images. You can use Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner to have a detailed keyword research for free.


  1. Update Your Website Frequently

The success mantra for any site is updating it regularly. Sites with dynamic content are often rank higher in the Google Page Results than sites with static content. So, make sure you update your website regularly. It is also an important SEO tip.


  1. Make Other Websites Link To Your Site

This is also a really an important SEO tip. You must have some sites which link back to your website. Backlinking is the name for this. It improves your Google Page Rank. You can do this by creating some beautiful content. Also, you can do guest posting.


  1. Make Sure Your Website is Indexed Regularly

Indexing your website is also one of the important SEO tips. You want to be sure that search engines like Google and Yahoo reach to your content too.


  1. Write Like a Human

None of the tips for SEO given above will matter if you write your content like a robot. So, make sure you write like a human and your content is readable by humans.

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