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What the Best SEO Pros Do (and You Should Too)
August 9, 2017
The Next Big Thing in SEO in Singapore
The Next Big Thing in SEO in Singapore
August 11, 2017

The SEO Tips That Wins Customers

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Using white hat SEO techniques for your website is the best way to weather algorithm changes that inevitably happen. SEO is constantly evolving and there are few parts of SEO as important as link building. If you’re building links in the right way they can provide a solid SEO strategy from which you can increase your website traffic.

Focus on Mobile Search

As mobile device usage increases year over year, so should the amount of time and money have spent on managing your business’ mobile experience. Think about setting up AMP for website pages, test distinctive styles of landing pages for mobile conversions, or shift more of your PPC budget from desktop ads to mobile ones.

Include Local SEO

Look for local businesses related to your own, or business communities in your area and reach out to build legitimate links. The benefits will be twofold – not only will your SEO be boosted, you’ll also foster relationships with businesses that can grow awareness as well as a customer base. Links are votes of confidence, other websites pointing to you as a resource. The goal is to drive qualified traffic – by using SEO.

Update Local Listings

Make sure that all your local listings are up to date with the right information. Any changes in your phone number or different addresses will frustrate a customer who’s looking to find you and could lose your business. With recent changes and new features to Google My Business, the new year is the perfect time to review this powerful local SEO listing.

Consider Ads

If you’re doing any form of paid advertising, make it local. Create ads for different areas in your city. Making things hyper-local allows you to quickly see where most of your customers are coming from, as well as making it very clear to the customer that you are in the area. By customizing local ads and their corresponding landing pages, you can control ad budgets and drive conversions that best benefit your business.

Share Local Reviews

If you don’t already have some way of sharing customer testimonials with your leads you should. If you do then you should add local touches to them. If you have reviews mentioning your Santa Clara store, make sure they’re on the Santa Clara page. If they mention members of staff, do the same. Make it feel that once they’re on the landing page they are part of a local community of customers.

Prepare for Voice Search

Voice search is already being surprisingly (in my mind at least) widely used. Siri and other voice-activated personal assistant bots now make up around 10% of global search traffic. While optimization for voice search, now, at least, is not very different to text search you can still get a little more SEO juice from your local listings if you follow these steps from Google on voice search optimization.

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