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June 19, 2017
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June 21, 2017

How to Use WeChat Marketing for your Business

Media Manager - Why is WeChat A Great Marketing Tool

WeChat is without a doubt one of the best marketing tools for businesses trying to establish themselves within the Chinese market, and currently, a robust media presence is a must for businesses trying to gain recognition. In WeChat marketing, you can send instant text and audio messages while also having social media sharing features such as a newsfeed (Facebook and Instagram), a focus on short messages (Twitter), video calling (Skype), location-based services (Foursquare), and a payment system.


WeChat is the king of social media in China. Many marketers consider WeChat as a unique tool to engage the fans and customers of their brands. The unparalleled social platform and great marketing opportunities of WeChat are highly recommended. More companies are now developing a distinctive profile on WeChat to enhance brand exposure.


What is WeChat?

WeChat is a social communications app that extends itself to a variety of rich features and functionality. WeChat Official Accounts are public accounts managed by brands, organizations, services, and celebrities. Creating an Official Account for your business will allow you to connect, engage and transact with your audience in a closed, one-to-one environment.


What is WeChat Verified Official Account?


There are many verified accounts but also non-verified accounts. A verified account means that WeChat recognizes that the account is official and shares high quality and reliable content. Individuals tend to trust and are more willing to follow verified company accounts.


To set up a WeChat Official Account, you first need to have a legal entity registered in China. And each entity can register up to 50 accounts.


WeChat Basic Features


Custom Menu

Flexibility to create custom features and behaviors with menu


Broadcast Messaging

Message all followers or segment by geography, gender, or a custom group (sales leads, VIP, etc.)


Follower Management

View basic profile data, group followers, add aliases


Direct Messaging

Send text responses to individual follower messages



Detailed reporting on followers, content engagement, message volume, and much more


QR Code Generator

Create QR codes for account follows


Things You Can Do with WeChat


  • WeChat AutoReply
  • WeChat Welcome Message
  • WeChat Interactive Menu
  • WeChat Direct Communication
  • WeChat Location
  • WeChat Mini Sites
  • Company Staff Name Cards
  • WeChat eCommerce Store
  • WeChat Voting
  • WeChat Survey
  • WeChat Mini Games
  • WeChat Album
  • WeChat eCards
  • WeChat Quiz


Why Choose WeChat Marketing?


WeChat provides what’s possible when we take a mobile-first approach to platforms, portals, social networks, and brands. WeChat has a wide range of features that a brand can take advantage of. To keep your WeChat fresh and up to date, understanding all the various tools and options at your disposal is essential to providing your audience with interesting and a diverse range of content that will capture and provide worth to them. After all, if you don’t make the most out of these tools, other brands undoubtedly will.

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