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August 2, 2017
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Off Page SEO Ranking Factors

Media Manager - Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors


Off-page SEO ranking factors are the variable factors that publishers do not tend to have a direct control. Search engines use these ranking factors to maintain fair and unbiased search ranking results. This search factors are often influenced by readers, visitors or other publishers too.


  1. Links Off-page SEO Success Factors

Quality: Are the links you use in your page are from trusted and respected websites? The quality of the links is far more important than the actual quantity.

Text: Does your links use words you are hoping to be searched for by readers? Always keep your meta descriptions honest.

Numbers: Does links from other websites directed to your web pages? The more legitimate sites that links to your web page, the better your search ranking will be.

Paid: Are you using links that you have acquired from black- hat marketers? Your dependency on paid links will be looked upon negatively because you are cheating your way to boost your stats.

Spam: Have you posted your links to blogs, forums or any public websites? Just kep your links informative and relevant to the topics discussed.


  1. Trust Off-page SEO Success Factors

Authority: Are links, shares etc. makes a site a trustworthy authority? Chose a trustworthy site because you are also still building your own site trust to visitors.

Engage: Are your visitors taking their time to read what is in your content? High bounce rate means your content is boring or something might be wrong.

History: Does your domain been around for some time and operating the same way? Make sure to update your site on a scheduled basis.

Identity: Does your site uses security features to verify identities and authors? Identify the authors or developers of the contents in your site because it strengthens the trust between you and your readers.

Piracy: Has your site been flagged for piracy? Ensure the originality of your contents.

Ads: Are your contents loaded with ads? Ads are the lifeline of websites yes, but do not let the ads be intrusive or be the ones to popped out to your visitors as this may have a negative effect on your website.


  1. Personal Off-page SEO Success Factors

History:  Has someone been regularly visiting your site or have been expressing social favor on your contents?

Country: What country does this someone located in?

Locality: What city or locality does this someone belongs to?

Social: Has someone’s friends been socially favored your site?


  1. Social Off-page SEO Success Factors

Reputation: Are these visitors often share your contents to their social media accounts?

Shares: The more authentic users sharing your contents, the more trustworthy your site will be. These social signals are important to search engines because it establishes how many people are valuing your content.


Search engines are constantly enhancing their ranking factors so as to deliver a more reliable information to the people. And by avoiding the use of tactics that will try to manipulate or deceive a search engine you are building your way up to the search success. The key to a successful SEO is always understanding your users.

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