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USER (Media Manager) and Singapore University of Technology and Design Offers New Courses

Media Manager - SUTD and USER (Media Manager) Course Offerings

Media Manager, which is a branch of USER, will start to cooperate with Singapore University of Technology and Design to offer courses in usability testing and digital transformation. This gives students the opportunity to learn crucial techniques and skills that will be applied in the future workforce by people that have actually used the skills.

The digital transformation course will teach students the key techniques of digital transformation and how to implement them companies. On the other hand, the class on usability testing will train students the basic concepts of UX design and usability evaluation methods. Furthermore, SEO services will also be taught.

*Notice to the Public: Media Manager does not have “pay-per-action" and similar activities.The company is not connected and/or affiliated with mediappimize(dot)com and sites other than our own. Please report to us entities using our company name and logo for such transactions. Thank you.