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Top SEO Tips for Local Business Owners in Singapore
June 5, 2017
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Digital Marketing Tips for eCommerce Businesses
June 9, 2017

Internet Marketing Singapore

Media Manager - Internet Marketing in Singapore

Many people want to learn the Internet marketing. Doing the Internet marketing can be easy if you follow these steps:

Optimizing Landing Page

First thing first, what is a landing page? In the context of internet marketing, it refers to a dedicated web page (which is separate from your main website) that is designed for certain purposes. One of the main purpose here is to launch a marketing campaign and collect information about the users by getting their name and email address.

A great landing page is remarkably useful to capture leads at a high rate. Here are some tips to improve your landing page effectiveness:
1. Simple and precise content
The content of a landing page should include all the important elements of the offered product or service. To have a clear content, the information displayed can be divided into a main headline, headings, brief description, images to increase visual appeal, and testimonials to convince the audience. It is not recommended to clutter your landing page in attempt to fit as much info as possible, though. Pleasant aesthetic and considerable amount white space is good to keep the audience focused. Not to forget, form to capture user’s information should be included.
2. Emphasize on benefits
Instead of overwhelming the audiences with information, it is better to focus on what they want to know. Highlight your product’s advantages and how it can benefit the users. To attract people to sign up, you can also provide extra value by giving them an incentive. For example, you can give free trial of your online products, special discount for those who sign up, and so on.
3. Reduce hesitation
To encourage audiences to fill in the form on your landing page, make sure you only ask for information that you really need. When a form looks short and simple, people will be more willing to complete it. One thing that you can do is to divide the form into a few segments. So, for example, firstly user will be prompted to fill in their name and email. In the next step, you can request for more detailed information such as date of birth or nationality.

Reaching Out to Audiences

An effective landing page works well to capture leads. The information of users who have completed the form can then be input in a database for mailing list. Next, you can proceed on your internet marketing campaign by sending a follow-up email to the addresses in your company’s database.

Crafting the perfect EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) can be tricky at times. Our company can help you do it. Having years of experience, our digital marketing experts will ensure that you only send out appealing emails that can catch the audience’s attention. In addition, you can also be rest assured that it doesn’t violate the Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (which may have serious consequences).

How to Drive Traffic to Your Page

Your landing page is ready and you have a solid email marketing server, but there’s one more thing you should not forget… how to get people arrive on the landing page? Here’s where digital marketing plays a part. Through our professional search engine marketing and optimization services, as well as social media and WeChat marketing, we can increase your brand visibility in the digital space. Getting your company page high on the google search results, it will generate higher conversion rates and increase sales.

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