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June 22, 2017
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SEO Tips for Mobile, Local Business and Video Promotion

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Starting a business is not easy, and keeping a running business steady is even more challenging. If you’re currently striving to get enough traffic to your website, improving your SEO strategy is very important since every now and then digital marketing changes.


For making your business succeed, read these SEO tips to get enlightened with the strategies you should implement.




The importance of creating a valuable experience for mobile users isn’t a new idea; in fact, it’s a strategy that SEO experts have been promoting for at least the last two or three years. But in 2016, it became more and more obvious that mobile is the way of the future as Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), began penalizing sites with pop-up ads that resulted in a poor experience for mobile users, and, in the ultimate sign of mobile’s importance, announced that they would be moving to a mobile-first index.


While you may be tired of hearing over and over that mobile is important, if you haven’t taken steps to ensure that your website provides a valuable experience for mobile users, you may find yourself quickly left behind in the coming year. You can use the Mobile Usability Report in Google Search Console to get a look at whether your site has any issues that may result in penalties to your search rankings, but if you want to get a more in-depth look at how to ensure that your site is designed with mobile users in mind, you can sign up for our free mobile review.




As mobile continues to grow in importance, local search has also increased in distinction, since people are using their mobile devices not just to answer their questions, but to find nearby businesses who can solve their problems or sell them the products they are looking for. This means that searches will get “local” as people try to find the best results that are as close and convenient to them as possible.


If your business provides products or services to local customers, taking advantage of these types of searches will be essential to your success. You’ll want to be sure you’re providing people with accurate information about where to find you, using local SEO such as ratings and reviews to demonstrate the value that you can bring to your customers, and connect with them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.




One of the fastest growing areas for online marketing in 2016 was video, as the ability to create and publish videos became easier than ever, and the growth of mobile allows people to access and watch these videos no matter where they are. Video marketing is a fantastic way for any organization to engage their users, leading to more social shares and links to their site, which will ultimately result in higher search rankings.


If you’re looking to add video to your SEO strategy, the bar for entry is lower than it has ever been, since streaming live video on Facebook, and other platforms can be done with any smartphone, and videos can be saved and uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, then embedded on your site.


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