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SEO Tips to Optimize e-Commerce Product Pages

Media Manager - Enhancing Product Pages with SEO

If you are the owner of an online shopping website, your first priority will be to make your business as visible as possible to as many people as possible. And you will need to achieve this goal in the shortest possible amount of time. You will need all the help you can get to make sure that your e-Commerce website reaches the people whom you are targeting your goods and services at.


However, you don’t want to spend your entire budget on advertising. So, what options do you have, and are they the right ones to pursue? Your best option involves using SEO for e-Commerce product pages. This is the best and effective way to ensure that customers across the world will see your products.


Using these SEO tips is the best way to get your website ranked as highly as possible on the first page of results on Google. Getting ranked as highly as possible is, in turn, the best way to reel in the extreme number of potential customers in the long run.


Keep your URL Structure Simple


The chances are your product catalog is organized by category. In an online fashion store, the categories may be men’s clothes and women’s clothes for example. Using a URL structure which keeps things simple but reflects product placement within categories can help search engines recognize product pages and where they sit within your larger catalog.


For example, a long tail search for shirts could look something like “men’s blue shirt”. Although you’d expect all your relevant products to have plenty of on-page content to reflect the keywords used in this search, you could also very easily have a simple URL structure to support it too. The structure can mirror your browsing process – as you travel from the home page to a major category right through to breaking down your search to the product you want.


In this example:



Homepage > Mens

Homepage > Mens > Blue

Homepage > Mens > Blue > Specific Product


With this search path, a resultant simple URL would be:


Integrate Schema Markup / Rich Snippet


“Search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex rely on this markup to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right Web pages.” –


One of the best e-Commerce SEO for product pages is the Schema Markup. This tool allows web page you to “explain your product keywords to Google”. In other words, it allows the search engine to distinguish more details about the keyword and website in general.


For example, your eCommerce website (with Schema Markup) promotes organic lipstick called “natural beauty”. Google will include that product plus brief details about the cosmetic products webpage. Therefore, even potential customers who don’t know the name of your product can find it whenever they search “organic lipstick” or any other cosmetics related keyword.



Adding proper schema’s helps show your information correctly and accurately. This can increase the conversion rate and may also help in ranking since Google better understand what the page is about.


Optimizing Product Images


Most e-commerce product pages rely greatly on image-based search engines such as Google Images. However, search engines cannot interpret the images and match them with relevant keywords. These e-Commerce SEO tips are more likely used by top e-commerce SEO agency in Singapore:


  • Using the “Alt Text”, a brief description of the image, to make the search engines understand your images.
  • Reduce file size for a faster page loading but remember not to compromise the quality of your images.
  • Insert a filename which is strikingly matching to the keywords that you intend your image to rank for.
  • Use captions. While search engines don’t read captions, they make the image visible for the viewers.



Here’s an eCommerce SEO Tips guidelines from WiredSEO


The more you pack your detailed product descriptions with effective SEO keywords, the more likely customers who are searching for these items will find them on your website. When a customer search for “black nike shoes” of a certain Nike shoes product name, you want them to find your item in the first few search results. You want to use the keywordss that will enable the search engine to target on your description so that the customer will click on the link and go straight to your website.

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