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The Death of Digital Marketing: A Myth Debunked

There are opinions and rumors spreading uncertainty in the heart of the business world saying that digital marketing services are dead, or at least, dying, and business owners should not waste their time and resources on such ineffective and expensive strategies. The global brand officer of manufacturing giant Proctor and Gamble, Marc Pritchard, publicly declared that digital marketing ended way back in 2013. Similar to Pritchard’s statement, Nissan Chief Marketing Officer Roel de Vries was adamant that he is looking forward to the day that the word “digital” fades into obscurity.

Echoing the same sentiments, CEO Ian Pearman of Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO, a leading advertising agency, implored clients and employees alike to drop the word “digital” because its use is fast becoming obsolete as digital is now the “new normal.” But is this really the case?

Numbers Do Not Lie

It is not as if these industry giants are snatching words from thin air and simply voicing unfounded opinions. There are research figures and data that support their claims. A Bango research discovered that there are a fair number of disgruntled CEOs who are dissatisfied with what they call “meaningless metrics” that do not readily accomplish their marketing or sales goals.

According to the study, 59% of the 200 respondents believe that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram do not contribute to their sales. Furthermore, 77% of them don’t see advertising on digital platforms as a good way to get new customers.

The report argues that CEOs see digital marketers masking poor figures with fluffy metrics they deem irrelevant – measures such as likes, clicks, and shares. They insisted that there are more effective strategies like generating leads, boosting sales and generating profit from efficient profile targeting, which includes tracking user purchase behavior.

In contrast to Bango’s data, other studies show that digital marketing, particularly through social media, can indeed help improve sales and customer’s buying behavior. For example, a report from Stackla mentioned that 79% of respondents in their study said unique user content on social media influenced their purchasing decisions. Still another study by Pitney Bowes reveals that more than half of young audiences they surveyed say they take ad influence from social media; Facebook statistics also reveal 87% of Instagram users made a purchase or took other actions after seeing product or service information on the platform.

Debunking the Myth: Where is Digital Marketing Now?

These alarming pronouncements from industry leaders and business owners probably shook marketers pushing the digital agenda several years ago. Yet digital marketing did not end there, and advocates of digital should probably have a little more faith.

Diageo CEO Ivan Menezes said that “success and great numbers through the years cannot be solely attributed to digital marketing only.” According to Menezes, it boils down to taking fundamental marketing strategies and sound practices. In effect, that would mean being updated with the latest technologies such as using AI, taking insights from an SEO agency Singapore, the US, and other tech-savvy nations trust, and consumer profiling.

The Conclusive Verdict: Digital Marketing Has Evolved

The concept of digital marketing being dead is a hugely false claim to say at the peak of the digital age. A more acceptable answer is that digital marketing has evolved, and will probably continue doing so in the future. For companies to thrive, such as digital marketing companies in Singapore. This means that they should focus on things that really matter like generating leads from different avenues, widening their client base, converting potential target markets to loyal customers as well as improving community engagement to strengthen their foothold in the industry.

With help from an experienced digital marketing company, businesses will have a better understanding of digital marketing trends and innovations that can help them read their market better or convince them to make purchases. New technologies such as real-time insights, consumer behavior listeners, and intelligent automation through AI are transforming the way digital marketing is run today.


Digital marketing is far from dead, despite some well-known figures saying it is or should have long ago. Careful observation leads to conclusive evidence that digital marketing has even expanded and evolved through the years, and marketers should follow suit. Business owners and decision-makers should retool their digital marketing teams, or consult with experts who know what to do. Fortunately, companies like Media Manager, a digital marketing and SEO services Singapore provider that brands and global businesses trust, can help them make effective strategies to boost their sales and more. You can inquire about our services by reaching out to us at

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