Media Manager - 5 Biggest Digital Marketing Trends For your Business
5 Biggest Digital Marketing Trends For your Business
May 26, 2017

What’s Digital Marketing

Media Manager - What is Digital Marketing

Many people Do Not understand what’s digital marketing. They thought digital marketing is digital advertisement and always mix video, and graphics advertisement.

Digital advertisement is one part of digital marketing, but not digital marketing. Marketing Mix include Product, Place, Promotion and Price. Digital marketing is more complex than traditional marketing mix. The differences are digital marketing requires websites instead of place, and data analysis is more easier than traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing Has Three Benefits Which Traditional Marketing Cannot Achieve

  1. Marketing Ideas will base on the Data Analysis. Traditional marketing requires the physical location to sell products. The sales channel include manufactures, distributors, and wholesalers. Mostly they don’t share data. Digital marketing records customers data on the website. The tools like Google Analytics can easily understand the visitors actions on the website. Web Analysis will check these data and find out the real solutions to help company increase sales. Without Data Analysis, Digital Marketing is Wasting Budget.
  2. The cost of digital marketing is lower than TV and newspaper advertisement. The influence of TV and newspaper is getting weaker. However many companies still using traditional mindset to do digital marketing. They 80% of budget on the video design, but only 5% for video broadcasting. They though good video will get many people to visit, but forget good video may not give positive feedback on the products or services. Most of videos for digital marketing is boring but they can get many people to visit just because the owner put most of budget to broadcast it.
  3. Ranking mean digital marketing. The most important key for digital marketing is ranking. How to rank company name on the Top 10 of digital media. Top 10 favorite movies always get most of visitors. Top 10 musics always get most of downloads. Top 10 antivirus software always get most of installation. Out of 10 means out of business.
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