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Digital Marketing Tips for B2C Companies

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As a business owner, you’re likely aware of the importance of staying on top of digital marketing trends and providing customers with new and improved experiences. But what are some of the top trends to keep abreast of this year? If you’re looking to launch or increase your online marketing presence, you may feel lost on how to move forward. The trick is to start slow, without overwhelming yourself. Here are a few digital marketing tips on how to get started.


Create a Business Website


If you don’t already have a website to promote your massage business, creating one should be your priority. It doesn’t have to be complicated or have dozens of web pages. This is simply a space to introduce yourself and your business to the world. You’ll probably want to include a short bio detailing your professional experience, a description of your services and pricing, and standard business details like location and hours of operation.


Your website can also be the central hub for other marketing activities: you can link to social media accounts, collect client information, and schedule online bookings. You can hire a web development agency to help you or your website. Several free website building platforms like Wix and Squarespace provide drag-and-drop functionality you can use to build a website in a matter of hours.


Email Marketing


When people visit you online or in person, you should be collecting their contact info through a signup form on your website or a client intake form at your place of business. Every email address you gather is a potential source of future business. Once you have a list of contacts, you can start promoting your business via email. You can start simple, with a monthly newsletter or sales promotion. Whatever your message, you can use email marketing to position yourself as an expert, stay on your client’s radar, and encourage repeat business.


Set Up Social Media Pages


Social media marketing can help you connect with your audience and online influencers. Try not to spread yourself too thin by signing up for all the social media channels; instead, pick a few to start with and go from there. Try to choose the platforms that are right for your audience – for instance, your business might be more appropriate for Facebook and Instagram than LinkedIn.


You can use your social media accounts to provide coupons or discounts, share news and content, and connect with other massage experts. You should try to include both visual (picture and video) content and text – the written word alone isn’t enough for social media.


Write Content for your Customers


Even if you don’t have time to post multiple times per week, at least try to blog once or twice per month (ensure your content is high quality) – and make sure you include photos and videos. Whether it’s a funny meme shared on Facebook, some behind the scenes Instagram photos from a staff event, or a fun friday video, don’t neglect your audience! They want to be informed – not only of your product, service or industry, but also who the people are behind your brand.


Digital marketing for small businesses doesn’t have to be complicated, and it’s important to start somewhere.

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